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What are the latest restrictions on leaving Tirol?

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Germany tightens entry regulations for North Tyrol

As of February 16, 2021, individual exceptions were permitted for transit via the Große / Kleine Deutsche Eck.

Since February 14, 2021, a new border regime for leaving Germany with massive restrictions has been in effect for Tyrol (with the exception of East Tyrol, the municipality of Jungholz, and the Riss Valley in the municipality of Vomp and Eben am Achensee). Persons who have stayed in North Tyrol in the past ten days are generally prohibited from entering Germany .

  • Business trips from North Tyrol to Germany are no longer possible.
  • The  transit traffic from North Tyrol  through Germany  to an EU or third country is generally not permitted .
  • Driving from North Tyrol to  Munich Airport  is also no longer permitted.
  • Transport ban:  In Germany, travelers from virus variant areas (e.g. North Tyrol) may not be transported in cross-border rail, bus, ship or air traffic. This does not apply to the transport of persons with residence and right of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • With  strict controls  at border crossings and the imposition of sometimes severe penalties can be expected.
  • The classification of Tyrol as a virus variant area is valid for an indefinite period